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The Pencil Artist

Endy is a lover of and a practicing writer. He is always learning ways to improve while spilling his gut. He sees writing as life.

The Pencil Artist

When the cocks began to crow,

the pencil artist knew a new day had begun,

slowly but steadily he arose,

mightily from a bamboo bed,

it tires his body because it has no foam,

he wishes for a better one, but destiny denied him,

his lot was to sleep on the ribs caging bamboo bed,

he sits lonely this dried desert land,

to draw an unknown god.

My Favorite Art Quote

“A picture is a poem without words”

— Horace

Pencil and Arts

He seems to know by self-imagining,

the settings of the throne of a god,

but that was all he was destiny to know,

that there is a god who rules from a throne,

from a height reachable only by imaginations

and sitting here alone his mind intercourse with spirits,

that taught him to create a god,

his Zeus, the upholder of men's destiny.

Pencil Drawing

Another night had fallen,

his bamboo bed awaits his ribs,

the god he had painted never arrived,

he had to endure another night of pain,

lying awake so his thought could stay sharpened,

on the ribs counting bamboo bed,

but he's a blessed child, who can create his god.

Personal Quote on Arts

Every piece of art is deeper than an ocean. It takes great imagination to extract the beauty of its nectar.

— Endurance AUF Noble

Arts and Drawings

I do not know what he knew,

I had not his kind of ecclesial imaginations,

I cannot see beyond the physical as he does,

I am lamed, walking here on a borrowed feet,

but his warm heart candles mine,

and beyond all the bane of human struggles

Indeed, there is a god who forms men's destiny.


© 2019 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo

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