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The Denouement of Love

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Many incurable romantics thought love lasted forever

Could overcome all impossible odds and defy greatest expectations

Cynics, on the other hand, thought romance was a fleeting concept

For those who never had their hearts broken by someone

Once believed that love didn't have an expiration date

Apparently for some it was a lot sooner rather than later

Especially when one person had one foot out the door

Never really committing to a future or a happily ever after

Had a ready made excuse of their familial obligations

Rolled eyes at the notion that family ties had them bound

In a different sort of manner that forced them to flee

A convenient notion, but a back water copout to avoid commitment

Always an afterthought to be thought about when they were ready

Almost eight months have passed since the semi-bitter conclusion

Still surprisingly focused on the lack of respect thrown their way

Eager to close the door on the past that had some sweetness to it

Shocked and appalled that it was kept open a tiny crack

Not for a reconciliation; no desire to go backwards

Just dealing with the aftermath; won't close until fully and emotionally done

The thing that was most learned after a major heartbreak

Being more careful with your heart for the next go around

Keeping it encased in bulletproof glass to not get shattered again

To stop it from becoming an organ version of Humpty Dumpty

Falling to the ground and having to be put back together again and again

Fed up with always being the trusting one in a relationship

Felt foolish and naïve for opening the door way too far

Allowed a thief or two to come in the night to pilfer whatever they wanted

Didn't realize that the person sharing the bed was the worst of all

Stole out from underneath you while you slept next to them

Pretended to offer the world when it was only fool's gold in actuality

Had their so called gifts recently appraised; nothing but costume jewelry

Made to look as if there was more monetary significance to them

Threw them in the lake and watched the past sink to the bottom

Kept a few mementos that actually meant something from the affair

Stuff that had no direct mention of their sordid name

Shredded the only solitary picture of the now defunct pair

Nauseated at the idea of anything sentimental

Robbed of the desire to commit to anything long term

Focused on the person staring back in the mirror

Making them feel important and nothing else

Only way to heal and believe in love again by looking within

Seemed silly; had to start somewhere in order to truly close the door

And keep it shut once and for all.

Looking to close a stubborn door.

Looking to close a stubborn door.

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