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The Definition of Life...

I am a writer of poems short stories and short articles on the feeling of nature.


“The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being is the meaning.” ―Joseph Campbell

“The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.” ―Arnold Schwarzenegger


defination of life...

A seed bursts the ground and

looked up at the sky.

Helps in time

everyone gets it.

Each question will have answers,

that is not necessary.

But, everything has depth,

that is understandable.

People take life and identity

through his work.


there are numerous people,

with one name.

Deficit is the root of discovery

speaks in words.

If a character is not wasted

in that of lack.

Everyone is at fault

impose on others.

But, don't think about that

he himself is a culprit.

Birth, Death, and Marriage

That's the force of destiny.

Everything else in their own hands

that is the result of the work.

© 2021 Debashis Baruah

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