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The Death of a Lone Soldier

This elegy was about a lonely soul after a great war. Alone in an ashen earth.

The Death of a Lone Soldier

If there is a heaven, would I be allowed to go in,
a place away from all of this, this pain and sin,
would a place truly exist as I lay on my dying breath,
is there truly a wonderful life after death

If only I knew the truth while I was alive,
now there's only cold and darkness, coming from all side,
is my life nothing but a pawn in a bigger plan,
was this destined to be, since my life began,

but now I see things clearly,
what's beyond death, what stood before me,
my family waiting extending me their arm,
to take me to a place far away from harm

they took me to a place full of light, full of love,
and there I sat on heavens, happily up above,
my family, my friends, and Everyone was having fun,
we are now a giant family under the sun

© 2020 Gerald Santiago

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