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The Deadly Seven

Annie is a student who loves to do a lot of stuff in her free time. Those are reading books, arts, crafts, writing, music, and basketball.

Sins are cruel

In their own way

Making us slaves

To their say.

Seven the most besetting

What does each do:

Hunger makes man grow wild

Gluttony, the food I want too.

Anger I feel within me

Wrath, I know it is called

Physical want for love and joy one feels

Lust, will keep them stalled.

Extreme want and Lust's brother

Greed really can kill

Lazy and hazy is their life

For Sloth keeps them still.

Others have what you don't

Envy doesn't appreciate much

"I'm the most popular person alive",

Says so Pride with touch.

7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins

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