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The Deadly Iris ~ a Satirical Poem

John is a freelance writer, ghost-writer, storyteller, and poet. He always tries to include a message or social commentary in his writing

An Obvious Play on Words

This poem The Deadly Iris is just an idea that popped into my head amid the bombardment of news headlines, articles, and conversation concerning the coronavirus COVID-19 or the deadly virus.

Once this play on words embedded itself in my brain I just couldn't get rid of it, and the only way to do that was to write a poem about it. It's silly I know, but if you can't laugh at life then what's the point?

Sometimes I write a poem that I think is too short to publish here on its own, so save it until I have a request that suits, and then use it in Poems From the Porch. This time I thought, nah just publish it as is. I read a stand-alone, three-line haiku type poem on Letterpile the other day, so obviously, word count makes no difference to an item being moved there. I hope you enjoy The Deadly Iris (apologies to anyone named Iris who may read this.)

Image by eklektik2xs from Pixabay

Image by eklektik2xs from Pixabay

The Deadly Iris

There’s a deadly iris in the garden,

Other flowers all cower in fear.

They wish they could be far away

But they’re planted far too near.

The iris, it is spreading,

New stems soon raise their heads,

Then the purple flowers open

And the daisies stare in dread.

Sunflowers turn their heads away,

They’d rather face the sun,

And avoid the deadly iris

That’s a threat to everyone.

Who introduced the iris?

Did it come from foreign lands

To spread a pandemic of fear

Among our native plants?

Irises: Image by Иван Коноплёв from Pixabay

Irises: Image by Иван Коноплёв from Pixabay

Vincent Van Gogh's Irises

Vincent Van Gogh will always be one of my favourite artists. I especially love this painting of his Irises and actually have a framed print of it on my living room wall. The following short video is a brief but wonderful insight into Van Gogh and the painting. Please take the time to watch. Thank you.

© 2020 John Hansen

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