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The Day the Pens Ran Dry ~ a Poem

John is a long-time poet, short fiction, and article writer. He loves story-telling and also has a Certificate in Permaculture Design.

The day the pens ran dry

The day the pens ran dry

What If ..?

Sometimes when just sitting and contemplating a “what if..?” thought pops into my head. One thing that struck me recently was, “What if the pens dried up, and computer keyboards didn’t work, so there was no longer any way to actually write?”

One positive of course would be a return to old fashioned verbal communication, and people would be no longer glued to their phones texting, but the real negative Impact would be felt by writers and other professions reliant on the written word. I suppose we would still have pencils, but maybe they also snapped on contact with paper. Would we revert back to slates or using ochre and other pigments?

Anyway, from this frivolous thought arose this poem. I hope you enjoy “The Day the Pens Ran Dry.”

Blackboard/slate board

Blackboard/slate board

The Day the Pens Ran Dry

It was just another day
The sun rose in the sky
Birds sang to greet the day
But the pens ran dry.

All the ink dried up
And would no longer flow
Writers began to stress
They would have no work to show.

All the keyboards froze as well
Computers, tablets, phones
All written words no more
Oh the cries and groans.

Now only verbal speech
No more text messages
Emails and letters defunct.

How would the world survive?
We’d have to learn new skills
Writers now orators.
Speech recognition.

All the keyboards froze as well Computers, tablets, phones

All the keyboards froze as well Computers, tablets, phones

But life carried on
Mankind always adapts
To obstacles and strife
Despite chaos and complaint.

Books became valuable
Rare collector’s items
Anything hand-written
Was almost priceless.

Poets recited
Their verses in public
A revival it seems
Which was welcomed by many.

Oral dialogue returned
People regained their voice
Relationships improved
But all writing ceased..

The day the pens ran dry.

Running Out of Ink

© 2019 John Hansen

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