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The Day We Didn't See Coming

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We Knew One Day It Would Happen

As we wake up with an early morning chill

The heat down low and the temperature unexpectedly dropped

As we rush across the cold floor

Like a water pipe ready to burst

Building up, building up

We find a quick release

Now life goes back to a somewhat normal

We have many things planned that we know we will never get to

Then we have work and love that are a must

Love should always come first

Sometimes it has to be left out to dry

Like wet kindling before we can have that lovely burn

We have learned to surround ourselves with all the people we know and love

It isn't until later we hear the news

Another one of our loved ones has passed

We know how real it is

How shocking and sad we feel

We know our name is somewhere on that same master list

Each day more names our pulled

It is Friday

A day that many people look forward too

So they can enjoy the next two days off

A time to rest

A time to appreciate what we work so hard for

Other people have scattered days off

Maybe split up during their week

Taking each day and treating it as gold

Looking forward to a weeks vacation

Where once again we can enjoy much of the same

Until retirement where we can spend more time

Doing all the things we have loved over the years

Sometimes our life is cut short

Other people are blessed to reach 100

I often think it is like playing cards

If we take a deck of cards out and shuffle them real good

Can we pick the exact card we are going to draw

The chances of that being right is one out of 52

Could we be so lucky?

Think of that as one of the 52 weeks in a year

Now lets see if we can guess again?

Only now we have 365 different cards to express every day of the year

This time the right card was picked two times in a row

Then we put together 100 cards and pick one for each year that we live

If we get that right too

Now we have twenty-four more cards to represent the hours in our day

Right one more time

Then the final deck of 60 to decide the exact second it happens

If we were right each time

That is my odds of figuring out when my time will come

Now after trying it and seeing how difficult it really is

I turn all my energy to living

I get to live each day and expect one more day

Doing all I can as if it was my last

Then I can say I really enjoyed all that my life had to offer

It wasn't always the best of times I had hoped and dreamed of

Then there were so many unexpected great times I could of never imagined

Through it all

It was my life

Many people focus on the boring times

I have no time for that

I have been truly blessed

To live so many experiences that can't be summed up in a line or two

These memories might fade over time

There will be no greater time than now

To appreciate all there is