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The Day Star

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I have a great passion for writing fiction, articles especially writing for children.

Walk in the Light!


Through the boundless charm of my Teacher, who is as holy as a preacher;

Who can make us into a mere promising creature, in the near future;

Discovered my passion and talent;

Which is the beauty of her being so benevolent;

Imparted us that we procure from what we sow,

Out of her unfathomable love;

Much to ease our journey of life to rove;

Children were lightened who were from a plight of tragic;

As she was not a mere teacher of logic,

But the one of magic,

Like a fairy with a wand;

By her building of bond

Helped everyone replace their sorrows by her memories of fond

Her exquisite smile, drove us go the extra mile,

Remembering it for ages is worthwhile

At times she is so much fun,

Like her there was none,

Equipped in us unity to be one

Her way of nurturing students is our school’s pride;

No matter what the demons of her health tried

On her, the passion of teaching kept her doing everything in a stride,

With sincere care and affection I was made,

The memory is indelible, never to fade,

In her palms my life laid;

Much to discover that her sacrifice for me will be repaid

I will keep walking in the light shed on me as long as life takes me afar;

That was bestowed on me by my Day Star! ⭐

(Dedicated to my teacher Ms. Mary Joseph)

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