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The Day Slips Away

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Where Did It Go?

I know it was here

I woke up and had no time to celebrate

I did make time for an early morning prayer

Thank you for this day

Which I may enjoy and love with all my heart

Doing the best I can

No matter whatever I got

I took an oldie but a goodie

I put my little twist on it

Instead, I pulled up a chair

I opened up my wild imagination

Like a child would a toy box

Excited and thrilled with every handful I grab

I ate as quickly as I could

Grabbed my trusty list of errands

I knocked them off one by one

Like I was the toughest lawman

Each one was my enemy

Soon to be gone

I had no time to waste

Off and on my next adventure

My work asked me to work twelve to nine

In some ways, they were really telling me

They just put it a polite way

There goes the rest of my day

No time to write

No time to relax

No time to go outside in the snow

No time to do anything else

Wait a minute

What I can do

Is something really special

Work and dream bigger and better dreams

Both at the same time

I have learned to master the art

Of day dreaming at work

Something I started long ago

As far as I know

I am the first one to do it

Nobody else would ever dream of it

Well, I know it is going to be a long day

I will see the early shift already at work when I arrive

As the second shift comes in and all the early morning workers leave

I will still have four hours left

This can be depressing

I walk into the bathroom

Wash my face and get a new apron

I pretend that I have just come into work

That my day is just beginning

What happened earlier was just another day

All forgotten and far away

Now as I work

I imagine my boss approaching me

You are doing such a good job today

How would you like to leave early?

You can leave at nine and get paid for the whole shift

I jump at the idea

Now nothing has really changed

Just my thought of working

I work wonderfully and full of vigor

I not only have pep in my step

But a little swag too

I finish off the rest of my shift

It was busy and I am tired

I am happy to say

I have done this shift over a dozen times

It doesn't come easy

I leave happier than when I came in

Thinking I still got it

Now when I get home the day will be three quarters over

Soon this day will be another feather in my cap

Each of a bright new color and as amazing as the sun

One a bird didn't need

I love it even more