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The Day I Was Done

Jessica has been a poet and writer since she was 9 years old. She has had 2 Poems published in poetry magazine's.

Today is the day I am done. Today is the day I gave up. I can't be hurt anymore and I can't keep up this mask. So I wrote these to try and help me make it through this trying time in my life. I'm dealing with a lot of loss in my life at the moment and needed something to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel and writing usually does that. So here you are, for your consumption, enjoy.

Exhausting Humanity

Is it that you choose to be exhausting?

You in humanity that take everything and give nothing!

I know it can't be just ignorance.

We live in an age where technology is bliss,

Knowledge the forefront of everything that is.

Ignorance is no longer an excuse,

It is what it is, I guess,

You do you.

Closed for Business

Why is it people don't realize the damage they do?

Like it's all meaningless,

Even accepting them too.

I understand your need to be.

The desire to constantly see.

The inability to communicate.

The hesitation to demonstrate.

I take all of this in stride,

And yet it's like none of you care if I died.

I'm tired of the constant circle,

This repetitive cycle.

All I wanted was a partner,

Someone to help lift US up Together.

But all you do is lie,

Disengage and constantly stride.

It's like I'm nothing,

Yet I know I'm something,

I know I'm a goal,

I know that my heart is worthy of gold.

Why is it that none of you treat it as such?

That it is my life you constantly muck up?

At this point I'll do it All on my own,

Stop giving you an inch in the road.

As far as I'm concerned I'm officially off limits,

That's right my heart is Closed for Business.

Russian Rolette of Life & Death, Love & Regret

If life refuses to be fair,

Could it at least not be taxing?

Taking me for every last winning?

I'm exhausted, worn out.

Left on the edge of a draught.

Everyone see's this image,

Of a person, with a life worth living.

But truth be told,

I've been pushed too far past my mold.

I was never trained to deal with this.

I was never,

Prepared for a life of constant disappointment.

I don't know how to deal with this,

Or even move on from it.

And I'm tired of trying to heal,

I'm exasperated from trying to deal.

There's nothing anyone can do or say,

It's just a matter of me choosing, if not, to stay.

In this moment I was feeling so low and lost that I couldn't remind myself to keep going. I was exhausted with picking myself back up and trying again and again to get it right. Even though it ends with a question mark I believe that this poem brings to light a lot of emotion that each one of us feels when life has kicked us too many times when we are down.

Love, Bread & Yeast

My hearts been broken,

The shattered pieces crumbled into dust.

Yet I can still sit here and say,

Nothing feels better than love.

I wish that weren't the case but it is.

Being With someone is utter bliss.

As someone who wears their heart on their sleeve,

I can tell you it's all about love, to me.

I hate it, loath it even,

Hope it were dead and beaten,

Yet I wish it would be here in my life.

Something that I could not hide,

It's complicated to say the least.

Trying to explain love,

Is like trying to tell bread it has yeast.

I wrote this while trying to deal with my emotions of love and everything having to do with it. At the time I was just leaving a long term relationship and having a new one on the horizon that just didn't end up working. I write when I feel helpless and at this moment I wanted to remind myself that in the end, love is what I believe in. This poem I believe captures that idea and the emotions I feel behind it.


© 2022 Jessica Jade Robinson

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