The Day I Lost

Updated on January 30, 2018

As I play your game of sorrow

I know I am to blame

Cause I was the one that left you

I was truly insane

Now as I stare upon your body

I know that it’s not true

I was there, and you were there

But I hadn’t fought for you

Now the same sorrow buries deep

Into my heart of stone

I cried for you, as you cried for me

But now you’re already gone

Just a few months before

We lived, under a single roof

A happy family we were

Now it’s just a memory in time

Soon the war came

And we split apart

One wanted glory

The other the lands

The greed had taken over me

I was a monster in disguise

To take over was my destiny

To conquer my cause

I fought under the king’s command

As we swept through regions spreading fear

We would win for we were the best

No one was even near

As the rebels came to fight for their land

Their pride driving their heart

They tried, and tried, and tried

But we just tore them apart

On one such early morning

The skies were looking blue

I never would have guessed

That I would be seeing you

In the middle of battle

I heard a cry of pain

From a young man in armor

As I drove a spear through his brain

I removed his helmet

And realized it was you

I had killed my beloved son

I didn’t know what to do

The tears rolled down my broken face

As the sky changed from blue to red

For pride had lost and greed had lost

All was over, you were dead

To apologize now is too late

As we are already apart

I looked one last time at that bloody spear of greed

As I drove it through my heart.

© 2018 Vivek


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