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The Day I Almost Burned Our New House Down

It Was An Accident

Would that really have made a difference?

I would still be blamed

My wife and I moved into our new home

I was organizing things down our cellar

Too much stuff and no where to put things

I always wanted to set up my workbench

I got it as a Christmas gift when I was twelve or younger

I had a glue gun that I also wanted to try

Now was the perfect time

So as I was busy downstairs doing not one thing but a few different things

I started using the glue gun

My wife was busy upstairs

She let me have my fun

She had already called me to lunch

A couple of times

I get so involved

I forget to eat

By now my wife was livid

Are you coming up to eat?

So I stopped what I was doing

Came up to eat

A little over an hour later

I went back downstairs

I never shut off the glue gun

I had it resting on the workbench

It burned a hole right in the wood

Luckily it didn't catch the house on fire

This would change the happy story to a sad story

Now looking back over fifteen years

I have happy tears

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