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The Day Before the Blizzard

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The Supermarkets Are Busy

People are rushing out to get food and any necessities they feel they need

I always like to think it wont come

The more we watch the news

The more powerful the snow seems to get

The sky is a faded blue almost grey

I called in to my work

To let them know

I wont be coming in tomorrow

I can't risk getting into a car accident

No job is worth getting hurt

I have over an hour ride back and forth

The roads can be icy and winds can be sixty to eighty miles per hour

The storm can shift at anytime

We shall wait and see

We do have water and candles just incase we lose power

We have great neighbors

We try to help each other every chance we get

For everyone else that might be facing bad weather

Stay safe and by next week it will be all over

Then we can laugh and joke

About the snow

What happened or maybe what never happened