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The Dawning Days

The mind plays tricks with its illusions. Once I believed I'd live forever. I gulped down the days as if they were watermelon juice


The Dawning Day

Untethered, bonds severed
Free and irredeemable
I take the solitary walk
Earth is a home of my own
Every day a reminder
A page on the calendar
This flash of life, alone
One Emerald Earth
Her rhythmic breaths
Once for me unfolded
In an Eastward spin
A new dawn every second
A new night was for the old

Everything was just right
The tides would come
and timely recede
I spent my time in the sun
and thought the the days
would always be
Into the night my father's words
Awaken me in a dream:
"Talk to me a little
If you can't speak
I'll teach you the words
And tell you of worlds
to explore"

"Come, let us walk this sandy path
Lit aflame with the grace of the day
Hurry daughter, before it is gone!
And the tides have gone away"