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The Darkness Has Taken Over

There Can Only Be One Explanation

The light has been swallowed up

Earlier today it was lovely

The sun was out and the sky was a very light blue

A breeze was constantly blowing

To make every moment priceless

Smelling the fresh air and listening to all different bird sounds

Hoping this day would never end

Like everything else in the world

Even the most beautiful day of all could not last

As the hours passed

The countdown had already begun

Ready or not

Walking on the soft grass

Closing my eyes

Only to open them again

To see the tall trees and flowers of every color

Nature at its best

We are only a visitor

A day pass that gives me the grand tour

Then when words like speechless are stuck in our throat

I will have one sweet memory

For a time I lived and shared

© 2022 DREAM ON

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