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The Darkness Could Not Comprehend Your Light


An ever flowing stream of grace and mercy

When others walk away You remained

Even when I fell short You forgave me

Your love is unconditional it’s always the same

Even when darkness tried to hide Your light

You shine in my heart always

To be in Your presence is a joy and wonder

I will praise you all of my days

I’m captivated by how all encompassing

Your love for me has been so real

Even on days when You don’t speak

I Know by your blood I am sealed

I wait but not always patiently

For the sound that You are near

The harsh issues of life attempt to divide us

Your word tells me never to fear

Even the deep horror of night situations

Our bond can never break

The darkness fails to comprehend

You gave your life for my sake

You are the One everlasting

Who remains when all others turn away

Sometimes clouds interfere with Your Sonlight

But I know You hear when I pray

Your love has been proven in the price

For me You were willing to pay

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