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The Dark Side Of The World And The Bright Side Of It

Writing has always be a part of my life. I love writing about life, culture, and travel.

Photo by Igor Morski

Photo by Igor Morski

The birds are singing The flowers are blooming.

The sun is shining What a wonderful day It's time to wake up.

I go to the bathroom and wash my face

Dry my face with a towel And start my day

Make a hot coffee to make me awake

Hot omelet and bacon is on my plate

I open the TV and watch the news

I'm in shock what I've seen as I'm watching the news

Dishonest politics, Comes and goes like the wind.

No one knows where it's going, Or where it began.

The economy is going low

prices are hiking

We're all in debt

we're spending more than we make

and we can't afford to cope!

The price is hiking up but the economy's going low

People starving to death and thirst.

The government should know

There's a war going on around the world,

all over the place

Night and day

A pandemic turns endemic

Never ends

Wealth is being created and hoarded, while

the rest of us suffer

Rich people getting rich, poor people

getting poor

People are fighting for their rights.

People are struggling to live in peace and


While watching this news I am thinking

How cruel this world could be

But there is nothing we can do

It's destiny

I think it's time for us to be grateful for what

we have.

We have a home

We have food on our table and a roof over

our head.

We have clothes on our back and shoes

on our feet.

We are lucky

I know that sometimes life gets hard

But you don't need to complain about it

because someone else has it worse than you


We should value what we have and don't

forget to thank up above.

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