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The Damned

An avid fan of film, anime, and video games. A critic, a Youtuber, and has an intense keenness for horror.

Thru your soul shall lift no more

The mere dark thoughts that pry on me,

From here the silence– be sullen...

An’ let the beating of your heart,

For the soul of the damned gobbled–

Their hunger for your dying love...

Yet, nor you incline the damned,

For the two paths of a one-sided road;

That lies no gap between you and her

This fillings blues of the blooming moon–

Over my grasps there, or from nowhere...

To who knows, to whom knows

Not an utter you flee to upon her lids,

Red lips you longed and bought long ago

Will, she ever sincere you with a feast?

Bread or meat hereupon her breast;

To who’s bosom sunshine your luck?

That died so ever young...

Would that evergreen that papered–

Your hate for such who deters you?

Hate or hungry for pride and prejudice;

You either damned the rendering soul of hers,

Will that tame of remorse earth your goods,

But whose goods will eat your grief?

Thus the hell that burns and gloated–

Your soul, to whose red beam that shines;

Hinder your hunger– your dear hunger,

To tears tearing you apart at all times!

For a signet of a token, now toss ashore,

For here I buried you along...

© 2022 Neil Longno