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The Curtain

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Said the man behind the curtain

But when the man behind the curtain

Came out from behind the curtain

Exposed as a fraud

Called a bad man

By the girl with the dog

He relented

A good man, said he

A bad wizard I be

Then did some good

For a time

Gave out gifts:

A diploma for scarecrow

A terminal degree

In thinkology

A brain as it were

The big feline received a decoration

Tantamount to indoctrination

Into the Legion of Courage

And for the galvanized friend

Who was lucky

To not have

That thing impractical

Until it’s not breakable

The wannabe conjurer

Gave instead

A heart-shaped ticker

With nothing left in the bag

For the girl and the dog

But a balloon ride

To the Sunflower State

Ad astra per aspera

Troubles unfold

At the start

Of the trip

Through the stars

As the pup

Jumps away

And the illusionist

Laments the not-regular


The tainted departure

As the inflatable rises

And he declares

Inability to steer

And return

A fake once more

Less powerful

Than claimed

Though still not ashamed


To the moving mannequin

Power to lead

With a hand from the man

Of Atomic Number 50

And Leo the Brave

While the small people in green

Wave and holler


As the girl with the dog


Her eyes

Amid the goodbyes

Can’t go home

To Auntie Em

The emperor

Was not better

With robes

Made of air

That sycophants



For texture, for beauty

For sake of keeping

A job

A position


In office close

To the heart of

Tremendous power

The best kind of power

The smartest person

So stable

For sake of the party

Forsake the country

The good that is great

For the many

Is not important

As the good

That is great

For the one

As the emperor rides high

Waves passing by

The youngster shouts

And points

And laughs

Then suddenly is gone

Behind the curtain

Leaving behind

On the ground

A trampled and torn



© 2020 greg cain