The Curious Case of Benjamin Beaver

Updated on October 7, 2017

In a land far, far away

Where the nights were hot and the moon shone throughout the day,

Lived a beaver named Benjamin,

The youngest of brothers Andrew and Fin.

He was a staunch believer that he was meant to be a star,

Own a couple of bungalows and drive expensive cars.

All day he dreamt of making it big in Junglewood

And conquer the industry with his charms and the right attitude.

He wanted to be the next Shahrukh Cow,

Wanted to break box-office records like Salamander Khan, anyhow.

He wanted to do meaningful cinema like Aamir Crane

And set screens on fire like Deepika Pelican.

He had the dream of shooting a song and dance sequence,

Choreographed by Ganesh Hedgehog

And the music composed by none other than A. R. Raven!

He wanted to host the Filmfly awards with Ran-Bear Kapoor.

And wanted to appear on every season of Koffee with Kangaroo.

Anoushka Shark was his choice for a celebrity girlfriend.

He was even willing to sport her name's tattoo like Saif Ali Crab,

As was the trend.

After delivering a few hits, he wants to head west to Forestwood.

The epitome of stardom as everyone believed and understood.

Do cameos in films like Slumdog Chameleon and Pink Panther.

Appear in a photo or two with Jackal Depp and Leonardo Caterpillar.

Have lunch with Brad Pigeon and Antelope Jolie.

Even fit an appearance at the Talk Show hosted by Opposum Winfrey.

He wanted to have a meeting with Badger Obama

And eventually be knighted by Queen Elizardbeth.

Before she is greeted by her impending death.

So you see when he heard that director Imtiaz Alligator was in town,

Searching for a lead actor through audition rounds,

Benjamin was visibly excited,

And deliriously delighted.

Imtiaz was looking for a fresh face

To cast opposite Junglewood Queen Catrina Caf

And thus he held this audition test,

Where everyone was out to prove their best.

When Benjamin arrived at the sets on D-Day

He was alarmed to find so many animals making their way.

Quickly and quietly when his turn came around,

He found himself sweating profusely and making nervous sounds.

And when the casting director asked him to show his act,

Not a word from his mouth could Benjamin extract.

He mumbled and fumbled

While the director in anger grumbled,

"So young Benjamin beaver,

I heard that you were a strong believer

Of the fact that you were meant to be a star,

Own a couple of bungalows and some expensive cars.

But young lad, acting is not an easy act.

It requires tremendous skills and talents exact.

So unless you can prove that you fat bill,

Stop this time kill.”

And thus, Benjamin's dreams were shattered.

Into tiny little pieces they got scattered.

In the evening his brothers Andrew and Fin

Asked him how his auditions went.

When Benjamin sadly shook his head,

They tried to cheer him up instead.

But heartbroken and devastated Benjamin

Didn't listen to a single thing.

Instead took out the Jungly Times,

And buried himself in the day's headlines.

Suddenly an idea struck the beaver's head,

“If acting is not my forte, II could become a successful politician instead.”

"Yes," thought Benjamin, "I believe I could be,

The next Raccoon Gandhi.”

So continued dreaming young Benjamin.

The youngest of brothers Andrew and Fin.

In the land that was far far away,

Where the nights were hot and the moon shone throughout the day.

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    © 2017 Shreya Chadha


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