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The Cry of God - Poem.

Sebastián is a writer of whole novels and poems in spanish who aspires to get into the english literature


When I met God,
He wept for me.
Desperate, frustrated and terrified.
Feelings we both shared.
His words radiated love.
Glamour and beauty like cherries.
Yet in his eyes I saw his sadness and anger.

When I first saw God
He tried to tell me of His love for me.
It was the only time I felt the true sensation of love, I didn't know if it was reciprocated or not.
I didn't know if it was reciprocated or not,
But when I met God
He cried for me.

Angels behind me pressed against each others.
Rushing to wait for their beloved Father's commands.
Sad piano melodies bewitched my ears.
Trumpets caressed my splendor.

When I felt the wings on my back,
He told me that I must wait.
That I could not go on without accepting His tears in my heart.
When I became an angel
He showed me the way.
It was the only time I saw the beautiful jaurio.
It was the first and last time the gates were open.
The last time I was so close to beauty.

When to God I asked:
"How will I solve my sins without dulling my dreams?".
He laughed at me.
He began to pray for me.
I shouted loudly to his throne:
"I need answer or I will have no return."

He told me that the human trajectory was meaningless.
That my longings could not be allowed.
He told me that I would be part of that meaninglessness.
Frightened and stunned, I said to God:
"How dare you make me feel this way?".

When I yelled at God.
He kicked me out of his paradise.
All those doors were padlocked shut.
My wings had been ripped off.
They think I've become evil.

Sometimes, I can still hear that piano
that played loudly in their Golden Hall.
Sometimes, I miss the silence inside me. When hell had not yet been created.
Simply put, although my dreams were achieved, it was not what I had hoped for.

But I learned something from God:
He told me I should wait.
I have patience and hopes.
Longings that I want to achieve.
Among them is to avoid loneliness.
I don't want to feel overwhelmed. Dazed or abandoned.
That's why I created hell.

© 2021 Sebastian Guagama