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The Country Lane, helps us unwind

Country road


Beautiful Countryside

The country lane winds through the meadow
It doubles back under tall spreading trees
The sun appears over the horizon with a warm golden glow
The birds start singing and you can hear the buzzing of the bees.

Laughter from the men in the field
tilling the ground, before it gets too hot
chatting about their family and friends
turning the moist loam filled clod

The rains came at their appropriate time
The buds shoot forth
and the wild roses, they climb
Spreading along fences and barns, ready to bloom, most of the time.

Bright green grass grace the hills and lanes
Sparkling spider webs
They catch the wee droplets of rain
Beauty appears in flowers and shrubs, happens each year again and again.

The apple trees abound and the fruit starts to form
after the long cold winter, standing all so forlorn
The pickers will come and there will be joy in the air
The reward of harvest time, is a jubilant affair.

Barns overflowing blessed in the field
Now it is time to enjoy the fruit of the yield.

Wild Spring Flowers


The Joy Of Nature

The joy of the great outdoors cannot be taken for granted, only when we experience the refreshing of nature around us, we notice how invigorated and alive we feel.

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