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The Cost of a New Dress

Once when I was 24 I dreamed that I wouldn't live forever. I saw my body lifeless. I've been holding onto life by the gallons ever since


The Price of a New Dress

Men strive to put their mark on eternity
With wars and rewritten history
Man, the only animal that craves infinity
Each second the Universe switches positions
In dying and unfolding to completion
Every particle will lose its quark
The quarks will split apart
At 22, I dreamed I was flying
Left behind was my body and the dying
I saw the Emerald Earth was an oyster
Whose flesh was rotten and lying
By a green Pearl

I was the Oyster of the World
The pearl now irritates this old flesh
Kali ! Mother of Time, let me again be a girl
who comes to learn the price of pain
A green Pearl and the cost of a new dress

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