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The Corporate Hypocrite

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A two-sided coin: heads or tails?

What direction should you be willing to go: left or right?

Everything has two sides: court cases, relationships, cookies

Possibilities are endlessly daunting and frustrating in the same instance

A vision of the Gotham city villain Harvey "Two Face" Dent

One side good and the other a complete evil doer

Walking contradiction that straddled line between decency & lawlessness

Under the false impression that duality was somewhat of an illusion

Unless you were a spy or an actor performing a role for a Marvel movie

Never realized that deception could be much more subtle

Lurked just beneath the thinnest veneer of a smile

When their truest thoughts were much more malicious

Not lethal in the slightest; just not authentic, genuine or even polite

Didn't think a Janus-faced individual would be on the appointment calendar

Until this very moment seeing their true opinion in print

Might be reading into this a little too much; but don't believe so

Never been a fan of people who pretended to be friendly

And talked trash behind your back when they thought

You were out of earshot to hear them spew pure unadulterated filth

Couldn't fathom why people cannot practice appropriate decorum

Once believed that there was a stand-up character in the driver's seat

Now that they've moved on in a completely different direction

Choking on their exhaust fumes as they sped away

Realized that this idea of support was only temporary

A work of fiction that was quietly erased from the memory board

Focused on looking good to higher ups and ignoring the regular folks

Decided to close this chapter and leave it in the past

No point in drudging up something that wasn't real to begin with.

A comic book version of duality.

A comic book version of duality.

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