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The Corona Conspiracy (Song Lyrics)

Marc Hubs, author of "Reflections Of NPD" is a writer/researcher on the mind, science, psychology/psychiatry, metaphysics and consciousness.


Warning: explicit lyrics

Its a global pandemic so get out the fucking way,
'Cos the word on the streets is getting worse here every day,
I feel so isolated my brain has turned to stone,
I can feel it in my heartbeat, i can feel it in my bones.

There's a global agenda to spread a new disease,
Unleash it on to anybody, anyone they please,
It's time to pay your dues now, its time to pay your fees,
For the news has got us crippled, we're down on our knees.

Its time to quit the shit 'cos we're all so sick of it,
The government dont like it one fucking bit,
Its time to keep healthy, its time to stay fit,
'Cos we're right on the edge and cant take another hit.

Its a brand new conspiracy, its knocking at our door,
So drop to your knees and get down on the floor,
They might just introduce us to martial law,
But we need to keep in mind just what we're fighting for.

They've got the world so paranoid,
Its got me so Goddamn annoyed,
We're sinking down into the void,
At the mercy of their schadenfreude.

It's a global conspiracy,

Covid-19 tyranny,

They all say it's you not me,

Oh when will we all be free.

© 2020 Marc Hubs

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