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The Cooling Rain

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There Is Nothing As Refreshing

I feel each droplet

So quickly spaced

One after another

Landing like little paratroopers

Touching down

From each area of my body

They claim a new spot

As soon as they hit

Another one quickly follows

A full scale invasion

So massive it is hard to believe

Such precision

In a matter of minutes hundreds of the tiniest wet explosions

Bounce off on impact

Looking up they seem almost invisible

Even though you can clearly hear

The soft echoing in your ears

Like a low pitched shhhhhh

Even with my head down

I feel them brush against my face and chin

In a moment of joy

My body feels exhilarated

The dampness gave me a sudden chill

So beautiful

So magnificent

I look off in a distance

All I can see is dark clouds above

The wind has picked up

Moving these little fellas

Even quicker along

No sun just dull light

What a special feeling

I am engulfed in a wave of rain

That slowly erased any pain

My body exposed and vulnerable

Has been only nourished and revitalized

By the amazing h2o

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