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The Constitution of India (Poem)

The Constitution of India

Almost two and a half years later,

Since the day of Indian independence,

On 26th January, 1950,

India became a republic nation,

A written book of laws was implemented then,

Considered as the supreme law of the country,

Hence, holds a position of reverence,

It’s the Constitution of India.

The drafting committee of the Indian Constitution,

Headed by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the first chairman,

Prepared strong and formidable laws,

Through them the constitution makers,

Conveyed the dream image they had of India,

The Constitution declares India as sovereign,

Socialist, secular and democratic republic,

It assures to serve Indian public,

With justice, equality and liberty,

Even promises to enhance fraternity,

With a hope to make every Indian happy,

That’s the road to a prosperous India!

Alas! Presently India is at a miserable state,

Mass is ignored,

And, a small section is privileged,

Few have prospered,

While rest are shattered,

Misuse of power and money,

Ruined our beloved country,

Lives in India are no sweet poetry,

Rather, numerous lives are the reflection of fright,

Is it what the majority Indians want?

Ordinary Indians are pained, frustrated and harassed,

When will the caretakers of the constitution respond?

Isn't it a high time?

Take a pledge to honor the Indian Constitution,

Make this Republic Day a truth for every Indian.

Happy Republic Day!

Indian Constitution

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