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The Commitment Phobic Individual

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A new year has arrived to the landscape

With it brought opportunity to have a new chapter to add

To the endless book of life stories to fill your autobiography

Sadly, some books tend to be more action packed than others

Understanding that life wasn't always so rosy makes it easier

To fathom when another curveball or semi-truck hit you

Past events more difficult to shake off the rust

Stepping into brighter and much sunnier days ahead

Always wondered when the glow faded, and the exits start

Lost faith in people meaning what they say and following through

Dealt with a joker who promised to be supportive

As they secretly looked for the quickest way to escape undetected

Never managed to work out that way as they got caught

Called out for not taking the direct approach

Led to some angry words and sentiments that always remained

Developed a polite detente in the end, although trust left room

Banned from the premises based on private regulations imposed

By someone unwilling to repeat anything pertaining to the past

Locked that volume of the story away for good

In search of sturdier material to hold the next adventure

Haven't found it due to supply chain issues and hesitation to do so

Keeping the ideas on note cards until the right thing arrives

Skeptical that it will happen with too much time past

Especially, in a youth obsessed society where everyone had to look part

Explained why people trimmed years and fat off

To blend in with the current crop of newbies looking to take place

Reality shows and dating apps ruled over simple connection

Being inorganic and almost clinical in the approach to happiness

A cattle call for a short-term hook-up instead of anything long term

Hard to believe in endless rainbows across the horizon

Envisioning large pots filled with mountainous amounts of gold

Optimism a tough concept to grasp after being burned

Metaphorically at the stake of life and love

Greeting card romance movies hold minimal purpose

When usually generic and ultimately entirely unrealistic

Which is why people enjoy their whimsical nature

Sacrificing logic for a chance to see two pretty people make it

At least to the end credits before running for the hills

Eager for a more naturalistic outlook to social gatherings

Once the initial awkwardness vanished

Whenever that will be, taking longer than intended

Looking for someone to simply have a conversation with

Nothing more, nothing less

One step in the right direction is all it takes.

Hard to believe in the beauty of what's above.

Hard to believe in the beauty of what's above.

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