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The Comedic Player Lost the Punchline

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

About the souls who craved more and never finding enough

Reached for the stars to only eat dirt for three square meals

Searched for imaginary windmills for too long

To realize that it was better to focus on tangible pursuits

Before working outward to grander and grander schemes

Kept on running while the people and places closest

No longer tethered to you physically or to your psyche

Like literal "Dust in the Wind" as the Kansas song went

Tied to nothing specific and lived in short term everything

Never pictured anything longer than six months out

A nomadic existence of travelling from job to job

And one warm bed to another even warmer one

Became a nightcrawler living on vampiric tendencies

Reacted to sunlight with disgust and dark sunglasses

Separated from nine to five routines for reasons known

Only to them and their long hidden conscience

Developed a second rate character and played it

For far too many years than can be possibly counted

Looked for success in all the wrong places

Lost sight of what was valuable and what wasn't

Fell into a path of the oncoming success train

Hitched a ride and became polluted by blinding lights

Desired for the continuous laughter and applause of large crowds

Often wondered when it would be time to slow things down

Unable to find the lever to stop the fast speeding locomotive

Or at least slow it down in order to catch a breath or two

Always had to put on an act to entertain and appease masses

Became an invisible disguise of sorts to protect truth from world

Internal insolation to prevent the real person inside getting exposed

Turned to addictive and illegal substances to cope with madness

Buried emotions behind a wall of jokes and thick smoke

Cannot be exposed with hats, glasses and bright spotlights

That burnt a literal hole in the ground for those who failed

Laid the ultimate goose egg onstage and didn't see irony

Success only relative to those who knew true definition

Not for how many dollars, cars and groupies to be had

Creating a plan and seeing it through to the end

No matter how long or short the ride was

Ultimate joke was that happiness lied right in front of you

If you choose to ignore it, that was on you.

Time to step up to the stage and see what you're made of.

Time to step up to the stage and see what you're made of.

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