The Colors She Will Never See

Updated on March 3, 2018
Tiffany Talaba profile image

She is a 19-year-old college student dreaming to have her book of poems published worldwide. She wanted to share her literary works to all.


blue eyes, blue sky
no one in the beauty can deny
but she was a different hue
although her life is always blue.


white means purity
but for her it means
a chance to be filthy.
no scratch, no scribble,
no scrawl, no squiggle.
but that doesn't mean
an unwritten paper
will stay clean forever.


She stared at the stars
counting them
and wishing at them
but she didn't know
she lost her time in
counting and wishing
instead of doing something.


the bruises on her eyes
kept hidden beneath her hair
everyone around her is jaundice
and their treatments are unfair.


black as the shadow
dark as the night
she was in the meadow
trying to find the light.


her lip is as red as blood
she owns a smile they never had
her soul is in metal-clad
and so is her heart.


she wears a ring
twinkles when lights hit
the promise of everything
that was left to rot in pit.


that green stone pasted
in a ring that was wasted
she who has found it
in her finger can wear it.


the gray clouds above her
resembles her feelings in shudder.
any minute, there comes the rain
forever she will feel cold and in pain.


she looks at the flower
appears in the middle of nowhere.
she was like that, lost forever
but can be found wherever.


her cheeks turned pink
due to the cold weather
or cold life perhaps
don't know which one she lapse
maybe it's the two of them together.


the green grass outside her house
started to grow and to rouse
until she can't control it
the green grass consumed her home without leaving a tiny bit
until she can't fit.


her brown complexion
her warm touch
made everything into motion
without equal and without match.


her ripped maroon jeans
so many scratch, so many scars
she doesn't know what it means
maybe just like her, it wanted to reach the stars.


her burgundy life
confusing if it's maroon or red
she isn't ready to strife
hence she just want to lie in bed.

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    © 2018 Tiffany Talaba


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      • Tiffany Talaba profile imageAUTHOR

        Tiffany Talaba 

        11 months ago from Philippines

        Thank you so much, FromAnonymous! :)

      • FromAnonymous profile image


        11 months ago from Canada


      • Tiffany Talaba profile imageAUTHOR

        Tiffany Talaba 

        11 months ago from Philippines

        Thanks a lot, threekeys!

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        Souless, this poem was a soulful rainbow.

        I learnt new colours, too.

        Imagery expanded my vision of what is.

        I enjoyed your poem.

      • Tiffany Talaba profile imageAUTHOR

        Tiffany Talaba 

        11 months ago from Philippines

        Thank you so much, Janis! :)

      • janshares profile image

        Janis Leslie Evans 

        11 months ago from Washington, DC

        Beautiful and poignant writing. Thank you for sharing.


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