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The Cobblestone Street That Led to Heartache


She sat waiting by the phone all night and all day

He promised he would call her yesterday

She grew tired and weary, so she tied a yellow ribbon around her long black hair,

and began to walk, where she didn't care

She'd always been afraid of nighttime and the scary dark,

now she didn't care as she began to walk

She ventured into an unfamilar, dirty side street

Cobblestone wet and noisy as she made her way with a feeling of foreboding defeat


She saw an old man standing under a streetlight with a glass of whiskey in his hand

Then she saw three young hoodlums hit him, then pour the glass of whiskey on his head, lit a match engulfing him as he lay dying in the cobblestone sand

She looked and saw an old woman pushing a cart full of bits and pieces of all she had left in this uncaring world

She watched as the hoodlums pushed her, taking her cart, leaving her lying in the elements as the cold wind swirled

She tried to help her, but it was too late

She was already passing through the pearly gate

She started walking deeper through this Godforsaken place

She thought of her mother and father, how they tried to help her, her refusing, never looking in their worried face

She'd taken the wrong road map as she went from one bad place to another

Never once thinking how much she'd hurt her father and mother

She walked further into this den of hopelessness

Then seeing a young mother and her small child unable to find a safe place to rest

Then she sees a prostitute flirting with a middle-age man

Her arm around his waist, explaining how much for a one night plan

She watched as they departed in the direction of a shabby hole-in-the-wall

She started to cry softly, " Oh why Oh why Didn't he call? "

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