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The Coast Guard Wife: A Poem

Mandy is a military spouse. She has been married to her husband for 16 years. She has a BA in English and a Masters in Psychology.

The Coast Guard Spouse

He puts on his uniform of blue and she watches as he tightens the laces on his boots. He stands and carefully places his cap on his head. Her eyes show the pride she has for him. She swallows what she truly feels. Those feelings are only for her; she keeps them close to her heart and never lets him see them. He turns and kisses her goodbye before he walks out the door with his bag swung over his shoulder.



She sighs, closes her eyes and says a quick prayer that God will watch over him and keep him safe. This is life she signed on for and she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Some days the fear and concern are harder to push aside then others. She knows that every time he puts that uniform on and walks out the door, he may not come back. It’s the life they chose.

Most days she can simply let her heart fill with pride. Other days she simply can’t hide the tears. She forces herself to push the worry aside and blink back those tears. She has a family to raise and her life doesn’t stop because he has to leave again. Each time a stranger or a friend stops her and thanks her for what her husband does; she remembers why all the worry and every tear is worth it. She is a Coast Guard wife and this is her life.

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