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The Clown and the Cabbage (a nonsense poem)

Larry Rankin, an experiened writer, enjoys creative writing in all forms, from literary to mainstream.


My Love, My Inspiration, and My Muse

The following was a poem written for my wife in the hopes of getting her to smile. It worked rather well.

As for meaning, take from it what you will. That is always the case with creative works. It isn't my job to tell you what to think. To some people there are silly songs about walruses. To others they hold the meaning of the universe.

There is plenty of foul language and pornographic imagery here, so feel free to be offended, though I was just having a bit of fun.

Everybody is so damn literal these days.

Anyway, it is either the sort of thing that you will like or won't.


The Clown and the Cabbage (a nonsense poem)

Yeddo smelled good and was pretty,

But that mean old clown, he was sh****y.

He lured her into the the forest dark and deep

With a bright red ball.

Yeddo was frightened and weeped,

Which caused her to swoon and fall.

The clown moved in to maul and ravage,

But enter our hero, a tobacco spitting cabbage!

The cabbage was the size of a Winnebago,

And said to the clown, "Take this Diego!"

And spat a wad of tobacco at the clown,

Which knocked him clean to the ground.

And pulling his cabbage butt cheeks agape

He swallowed the clown in a reverse prison rape.

Yeddo rose trembling and fearful,

But the cabbage said, "Friend, please don't be tearful!"

"I am the magic cabbage of good fortune and joy."

"Now go home and kiss your daughter and boy."

"Hug your husband tight and scratch the dog's head,"

"And rejoice that your life is happy and that mean clown is dead."



© 2017 Larry Rankin

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