There Maybe a Repeat

Updated on January 23, 2018


It's a new year in the NBA.
A finals rematch looks to not take place.
They haven't beaten Golden State all season.
Cavs look very inconsistent.
Big trades in the offseason.
Trading away Kyrie Irving.
To the Boston Celtics.
In return, they get ISAIAH THOMAS.
Thomas along with JAY CROWDER.
Adding DERRICK ROSE to the roster.
Then adding a franchise player
DWAYNE WADE maybe the savior.
Expectations are high.
They should have enough to get by.
To get by and win the title.
Fans didn't think there will be trials.
Rose had his issues.
Wade had his issues.
There was little good news.
Big names but Old News.
Derrick Rose was the youngest MVP.
Dwade successful in leading.
Crowder's successful in defending.
Thomas is successful in scoring.
But they can't keep up with young teams.
That's a fact that may mean.
That the season could be like 2009.
When their light didn't shine at the right time.
Consecutive losses by huge margins.
Proves that it just maybe brewing.

Poor Effort

The day after Thomas return.
They spend January 3rd.
Playing Thomas old team.
Without him even playing.
They won his first game back.
Things looked to get on track.
But when the game started.
It was quickly noticed.
That Cavs defense has no cure.
Despite their ability to their ability to score.
Allowing too many points.
A recipe to disappoint.
To disappoint the fans.
They have enough to win.
Thomas may be sitting out.
But with their leader, they shouldn't doubt.
But they lose the game.
Looks like, not much has changed.
To make matters worse.
Lebron scored 19 in the losing effort.

10 Points on the road.

Problems were expected.
Because of the changes.
Thomas had an injury.
Derrick Rose wasn't healthy.
But they returned before midseason.
But on January 8th.
Cavs were in a better place.
Playing the Timberwolves.
From the start, it wasn't looking good.
The Cavs were routed.
Routed since the game started.
Allowing 32 in the 1st.
In the 2nd they did worst.
Allowing 33 in the 3rd.
There was a reason for concern.
Their leader only scored 10.
In the end, they lost big.


After the beating Cavs rested.
They realize they were tested.
It was not the game.
But was how they play the next game.
They discussed it as a team.
Hashing out everything.
Then arrived back east.
Looking to get back on their feet.
Playing the Toronto Raptors.
Where things looked a lot better.
They scored more in the 1st.
But in the 2nd things got worse.
Needing a halftime to get better.
They scored more but their defense never.
Their defense never changed.
They allowed too much in the game.
Lebron scored more.
But their defense was an eyesore.
Allowing over 30 in a quarter.
After days nothing got better.


There should be changes now.
Thomas should be healthy now.
Rose is back in the lineup.
Despite Cavs having this tough matchup.
With the OKC Thunder.
Having to guard three-star players.
Their defense was poor as of late.
But there may not be mistakes.
May not, because they are home.
Maybe they're tired of losing at home.
They may play with an edge.
But the start of the game misled.
Misled the fans disappointed.
Cavs were still allowing.
Allowing OKC to score 43.
The defense still wasn't playing.
That quarter led to a big loss.
With 18 points from the boss.
The leader of the team.
The one that is called THE KING.
The losses they suffered is one thing.
But familiar things some are seeing.
That the Cavs are stacked with old players.
The season could end with Cavs being losers.

Do Cavs look like the 2009-2010 Cavs?

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius



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