Never Takes the Blame

Updated on January 23, 2018


It was the NBA finals in 2007.
There was greatness in the making.
A young LeBron James.
Battling a team full of hall of fame.
Full of hall of fame players.
Spurs had an impressive roster.
Full of rising stars.
Led by a seasoned star.
A seasoned star in Tim Duncan.
With a great coach overseeing.
Greg Popovich calling the shots.
The Spurs were proven too much.
They beat the Cavs in four games.
They comfort a young Lebron James.
Telling him he's not a loser.
Reminding him that he had a bright future.

Failed Expectations Pt 1

After failing in the finals.
In two years Cavs were stronger.
Lebron was surrounded by a cast.
He was more guaranteed to get past.
Before the season started.
The Cavs got champion BEN WALLACE.
The city was surely buzzing.
Feeling championship was brewing.
Lebron played at MVP level.
His team played even better.
Lebron played like an MVP.
Leading his team to top the east.
Going into the playoffs they were favored.
Many assumed they'd be winners.
Winning 66 games in the season.
Picking the Cavs was the logical reason.
But once they got to the second round.
They showed why it's not good following the crowd.
They fell to the Orlando Magic.
The organization was embarrassed.

Failed Expectations Pt 2

In one year, they made changes.
Moving champion Ben Wallace.
Then adding another in Shaq.
Shaq had a great deal of success.
Helping WADE to his first title.
Helping KOBE to his first title.
Things looked great for the king.
The organization was buzzing.
Having a similar season.
That addition was what they needed.
Lebron played like an MVP.
Winning the top seed before entering.
Before entering the playoffs.
Looking to bounce back after they lost.
Lost last years conference finals.
But they lost the semi-finals.
Losing worse than the year before.
Despite them adding more.
Many thought immediately.
That the changes made was not helping.

Stat Padding

This next season, he made the change.
Televising the decision he made.
Deciding to join the Miami Heat.
Taking Cavs Allstars while leaving.
Leaving the Cavs Hi and Dry.
They could not get back to try.
To try to win. They were so bad.
So bad, they won top picks in the draft.
Obtaining number one picks.
The city was no longer buzzing.
They were on top when he was there.
Leaving many to wonder where.
Where it really went.
Tried figuring the organization.
Neglecting that they gave him all the help.
Lebron just couldn't make it happen.
Because he was too busy stat padding.

Not taking the blame

After his success with Miami.
He decided on going.
Going back to where it all started.
Assuming to finish what he started.
They had significant changes.
& a coach that used to winning.
Winning the #2 seed.
Then knock off the top seed.
In the finals, they met a great team.
The Warriors were also a young team.
Cavs had the edge obviously.
The start looked promising.
But that team gave them more.
More than what they bargained for.
They lost the finals in six.
They came back the next year.
Expecting to win it the next year.
Challenging a better team.
But this time, they ended up winning.
Their success did not stop.
Going forth non stop.
Despite losing the finals.
They look to make another final.
But its challenging.
The Cavs seem to be out of money.
To get the help that's needed.
Which may result in their star leaving.
Using the Cavs for four years.
Leaving them Hi and Dry in their final years.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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