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The City Riot

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City Riot

At night the thieves and rescuers take flight, unfamiliar with the plight

of the citizens who take delight in the sight of uniforms and badges

that fill the streets at night and the buildings and cars in flames

that fill the air with a fiery light, the smoke choking the air

what a sight to be seen on the media screens and newspapers.

The melee appeared, seemed to emerge from the ground

a herd of bandits kicked in the glass

of the window shops to see what could be found.

The policemen with their night sticks released tear gas all over the ground

and the sound of shuffling feet the voices say again and repeat

the idea of violence in authority is so profound.

The youth from the suburbs have heard the call

of the voices of the dead at the hands

of those who enforce the law while the statues of the soldiers on

the city thoroughfare watch it all and the homeless in their tents see this

and don't understand at all why these folks don't just stay home

and leave alone the products and the properties

while the birds have escaped their awnings and fly out to the sea

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