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The Christmas Creed

John has many years of writing experience in poetry, short fiction and text for children's books. Basically, he just loves to write.

The Christmas Tree 2020

The Christmas Tree 2020

Good Will to All

After one of the most difficult and challenging years most of us can remember this last twelve months is finally drawing to a close. We need to try as best we can to put the adversity behind us and try to enjoy this festive holiday season, and look forward to the New Year ahead.

I wish you all a wonderful, healthy, and happy Christmas (at least as happy as you can) and let us make next year one to remember for all the right reasons. We will beat this virus and it will soon be something in the past that taught us some valuable life lessons.

The Christmas Creed

Let the joy of Christmas

fill your heart and home.

The spirit of the season

is the reason for this poem.

Spread true love and kindness

to all your kindred souls.

Let goodwill to all mankind

be your yuletide goal.

No matter what religion,

faith, colour, or belief,

we all are children of the world

deserving love not grief.

Extend a hand of kindness,

reach out to those in need,

the homeless and the lonely.

This is the Christmas creed.

This year has been a challenge,

it had so much in store.

The pandemic grabbed the headlines,

but mankind’s dealt with such before.

We must keep an optimistic view,

and halt this virus’ spread,

look forward to a bold New Year,

and better days ahead.

Let’s learn from this adversity -

to ignore it is a crime.

Stop taking life for granted

and be more prepared next time.

Stay safe and don’t take undue risks,

try not to travel far,

protect yourself and loved ones,

pray on the Christmas star.

© 2020 John Hansen