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The Rain

Rain from the sky you're falling

Drops upon the land after the long summer

Long time awaited,

It gives life on the dry earth

Now you are here, the plants and animals can drink

The water from the rain,

The children are too happy

They are ready to go out and play.

They are shouting and laughing,

While are rain are still falling

They swim in the rains' water, swim like as if at the swimming pool

The children enjoy in the rain at all

They are running in different directions

Hiding each other over the rain

That's the children do,

After the long summer and the rain is coming...


The small kid go out

Ask her mother to take a bath

From the rain drops, her mother surprised

Because her small kid asking her to play over the rain

The mother allow her kid

She was amazed

Watching her kid doing

Enjoy playing in the rain

When the rain is slowly stop

The small kid is so sad

Ask her mother to pray to our almighty

So that it will rain again and she will play...

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