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The Charms of Cayo Guillermo

I enjoy expressing my thoughts through poetry, travel, well-being, and business tips.


A place that soothes the senses with its variety of beauty

Inspiring me to slow down and take in the many natural sights to see

These palm trees and ocean views I am seeing in a new way

Cayo Guillermo has it's unique blend of charms both night and day.

The bright and bold blackbirds sing and fly wherever they like

Each time I walk along the paths I discover a flower so bright..

I stop at the beach bar hut for a refreshing drink that's nice and cold

With the friendly and warm bartender who makes everyone feel like gold.

I notice the hues of the water change magically as the day goes along

The waves dance with a subtle rush and the ocean sounds like a song..

I watch the strong kiteboarders glide along and feel their energy

And the seabirds flutter along the shore excited by what they see.

I walk along the packed sand, a light workout I am glad to do

Looking forward to lunch at the Lobster Shack; now within my view..

The days pass in a leisurely way and lead to a pleasant night

When the most magical bright stars shine so clearly in this paradise.

© 2021 Nella DiCarlo