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The Charming Kaleidoscope: Poem

Chitrangada loves to express her moods and emotions, through her poems. Most of her poems are free style and spontaneous with Nature at core

The Charming Patterns of Kaleidoscope

The Charming Patterns of Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope and it’s Symbolism

What is a Kaleidoscope?

The Kaleidoscope is a toy/ device, which works on the basis of the Laws of Reflections of Physics.
It uses light, and mirrors to reflect objects and create beautiful, fascinating patterns. Each time you rotate it, It will create a new, different and endless variety of patterns.

The Symbolism of a kaleidoscope

Life is changing constantly, and we must change accordingly, just as the Kaleidoscope.

Each time, when it is rotated, it forms a new and beautiful pattern. Similarly, we all must take initiatives to sustain beauty in our lives, and adapt to the new challenges.
A Kaleidoscope brings together a whole spectrum of Colours, all in different shapes and sizes, to create something unique, different, fascinating and beautiful.
This is so true about the amazing planet, of which we all are part of.
We may be of different colours, speak different languages, celebrate different festivals, live under different conditions. But, we all are one, have the same kind of struggles, same emotions, and become happy by the same reasons.
So much like the charming and beautiful kaleidoscope.

The fascinating colours and patterns of kaleidoscope

The fascinating colours and patterns of kaleidoscope

The Charming Kaleidoscope—Poem

The World of Kaleidoscope,

Of many colours and shapes,

Violet, blue, green, yellow, orange or red,

Turn it in any way,

Diverse seems homogeneous,

Forming beautiful patterns,

As per the creator's will,

One in all, and all in one,

Each one unique and precious,

Let’s accept everyone,

Colours, customs, class, countries, continents,

Like a Kaleidoscope of colours,

This is the beauty in diversity,

Love, respect and cherish,

Our beautiful kaleidoscope,

Fragments of colours,

Fragments of shape interwined

Forming delightful Reflections,

The red, the lighter red, the brighter red,

The yellow, the lighter yellow, the brighter yellow,

Each pattern, uniquely fascinating,

Life throws new challenges,

Change, adapt and mingle,

Since, life is like a kaleidoscope.

DIY Easy steps to make Kaleidoscope, Source: YouTube

© 2021 Chitrangada Sharan