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The Cause of Suffering. Monday's Inspiration 92.

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Wanting something mundane to be .... perceiving something mundane to not be, is a limitation. Who can tell tomorrow? Again, can one limit the eternally unbounded Love? Problems arise, because the mind thinks it is free, not recognising its limited freedom.


The Cause of Suffering

As long as I hold on to the strings of the kite, we

Remain in fetters. If I love something or someone,

I must set it free. If my joy increases, then it has not

Abandoned me, just that a child needs freedom,

In order to continue the search for its own identity.

We all carry moons and stars within us, a radiance greater

Than a thousand suns. We are the children of Gaia, striving

To express our own potential. Naked I entered into this earth

Arena; naked I shall soar on the Elysian lap of death. Grasping,

Like the eagle and its prey, can only result in pain and suffering.

The eagle follows the instinct of survival, while

My clinging is carved out of loneliness, not knowing

That ‘Letting go’, can only dance with the joy of Freedom.

I seek that which I lack, not knowing, like the deer which

Runs after its own musk, that the sought, is already seeking

Me within. Sometimes, in my efforts to capture a sparrow, I may

Clip its wings. How then will it fly into the firmament of vastness?

Ego, like a sharp blade, slices my candy into segments,

Yet in its quest for division and possession, it

Demands payment for each slice. Love says: ‘Let go!’,

Ego, like an astute businessman, demands its fifty pence,

For it perceives the unreal, to be the reality.


I’m trapped in a Pandora’s box of guilt, unworthiness,

And sorrow, steeped in glue; finding it difficult to unmesh

My cobwebs. As such I become complacent, seeing the

Fragments instead of the whole ---a man lost in a mirage in

The desert, forgetting the dreamer, seeing only the dream.

Love never binds but liberates, and even while the mind

Analyses, the Heart is dying to expand. My water has

Become murky, and I taint everything around me

With its filth. A bird trapped in a cage may seem happy,

But in reality, loves to return to the origin of its liberty.

Unmet needs from loving, leads me to replay my pain,

Still longing for approval, due to lower emotions not

Yet touched by the Light. I still long to be loved. Yet

Love is unlimited and I cannot say that what’s to come,

Won’t be greater than past perceptions. To do so is to limit Love.

The soul is born free and its ultimate quest is to seek for

Meaning. Yet I must love, and desire is necessary. It is

Enslavement that binds me; puts me in a ring of chains. I am

Love’s darling and I must learn how to give you this piece of candy,

Without bargaining or expectations … not asking for my fifty pence.

I am now a beautiful rose, yet I needed the thorns, I’m now

Enjoying new dawns, only because I experienced darkness. I

May feel I need you, but if your path calls for new

Horizons, if you seek autumnal leaves instead of the light

Of spring, who am I to stop you? You were born free!

Go, my Love, I will miss your hugs, your safety … yet Love is

Covering my back, so go! My real quest is not you, even if we both

Need the drama of this arena, to awaken our longing, for supernal Joy.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 3rd June, 2022.

Wisdom from the Master

"Human love desperately needs. Divine love abundantly feeds.” - Sri Chinmoy

"In human love, what we actually try to do is to possess the many without caring for the One, the Source. But if we do not possess the Source, then the many cannot be of any help to us. If there is no root, then how will the tree grow?" - Sri Chinmoy

Ego and Possession in Suffering

© 2022 manatita44

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