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The Cat That Was Just Too Fat - Cat Kids Poem

Fat Cat

Fat Cat

Jack the cat was just too fat

At each Meow,

His owner would give him a food bowl

He ate tuna like it flowed from a fountain

And chicken like he had millions stored in a mountain

Jack was not happy because he could not do what other cats did

He was a lousy jumper and from climbing trees he hid

His owner never played with him, just simply fed

Stuffing Jack like a thanksgiving turkey, all Jack did was feed then bed

His owner was a busy person and had an important job

She had little time for her cat, which made Jack sad

One day a mouse got into the house and she screamed and shout

Calling Jack to chase the mouse out

It was time for jack to show what he was truly made of

Other cats would know he was much more than fluff

The little rodent ran across the chair and Jack gave chase

But he was just not fast enough as that was the case

The little mouse realized that Jack would never catch him no matter what he did

So he began to jog while Jack ran, stopping and grunting like a fat little pig

The mouse laughed and ran away with the cheese

Jack failed his owner because he was obese

His owner decided it was time for a diet for Jack

So she worked out with him to get him to loose fat

She fed him less and spent much more time and care

Now Jack is a comfortable fast jumping cat, but still like a huggable teddy bear.

© 2019 Clive Williams