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The Careful Takeover of Cancel Culture

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Since the inception of Hollywood, tabloids reigned supreme

Exposing celebrity scandals: true or otherwise rumored ones

Nowadays, people exposed themselves with their own words

Revealing character flaws that made people wonder

If they deserved to be famous or should be unemployed

Shocking and cringeworthy actions that made you think twice

No longer trusting their manufactured image

Rumors of bad workplace behavior and inappropriate tweets

Littered the entertainment news landscape

Especially when those with poor taste stream their thoughts live

Wondered why we made some of those people famous

The past few years filled with problematic souls

Doing questionable things that made you wonder

Whether it was on purpose or built on haphazardness

Hard to say which of the two was worse: intent or clumsiness

Okay, celebrities or any public figures needed to be exposed

Especially when actions illegal or caused harm to others

Those who simply put their foots in their mouths

Brush it off as a simple mistake the first few times

After that, best to be skeptical of any apology tours

Social media loved to put others on blast

Called them out on bad behavior to hold accountable

Justified to shine light on areas that needed the Vitamin D

Annoyed that this exposing didn't include proper education

Ways to break bad habits and narrow thinking

Breaking the cycle of poor judgment and stereotypical views

Once and for all; so that it wouldn't be repeated

Instead of playing the blame game all the time

People need to find more effective strategies

To curb the foot in mouth disease that many suffer from

Those with criminally bad behavior a different story

Should stay off social media and focus on getting help

Learning to examine themselves within

Shattering the repeated nature of the hamster wheel

Found themselves locked in for years

Realized that Rome wasn't built that quickly

Not everyone can redeemed

Some simply irredeemable no matter what efforts

Made to save their souls or professional image

Closing the door on those that no longer need spotlight

Shined on their careless and callous nature

Time to focus on those who can do good

Not those who waste energy.

A keyboard is an important weapon. Just need to know how to use it for good.

A keyboard is an important weapon. Just need to know how to use it for good.

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