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The Cardiac Poem

The poet is a medical student with a weird sense of humour and spends a great deal of time exploring human psychology.


A Heart's Tale

Home of your heart is the pericardium core
Where it pounds and pumps with functions more.
Beating always, like the rumble of a drum
She pumps your blood from foot to your thumb.

Circulation of blood from body to heart
Begins from the left, where the arteries start .
Frist to lungs the blood shall flow
To collect oxygen for above and below.

The arch of aorta with a number of arteries
Nourish the organs with the nutrients it carries,
Deep inside the organ the artery divides
Thus capillaries merge and converge into veins.

Returning to the heart by the great vena cava
The blood pours into atrium like hot lava.
Back to the home, but oxygen poor
The blood runs to lungs to get some more.

By the pulmonary arteries ,blood leaves heart
To reach the lungs where gaseous exchange start.
From the trachea comes oxygen deeply inhaled
While carbon dioxide is slowly exhaled.

Thus from lungs ,the blood runs back
Again to the heart where oxygen lack.
This cycle continues and blood runs its course
Still our heart runs out of force.


Note from the poet : About Human Heart

Human heart is a special type of muscular (cardiac muscle) sac which pumps blood throughout the body. It is situated in the centre of the heart in between two lungs and is covered by pericardium.
Human heart has four chambers, two atria & two ventricles. Arteries emerge from the heart to reach every organ of the body, where it divides into capillaries. Capillaries again converge together to form veins which enters the right atrium as vena cava. The largest artery of our body is aorta, which on emerging from heart (left side) form an arc ( arc of aorta) and eventually divides and subdivides into artery and arterioles.
The prime function of heart is to circulate blood throughout the body. Blood again acts as the carrier of oxygen, carbon di oxide and nutrients . Heart communicates with the lungs via pulmonary vessels where gaseous exchange between blood and lungs takes place.
Since oxygen is the prime component of cellular respiration, as long as heart pumps blood throughout our body, we can sustain life.
However, we need a happy heart for the sake of both our physical and mental health.

Hasibul Islam (poet)

Hasibul Islam (poet)

© 2020 Hasibul Islam Apon

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