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Identity II: The Cage Escapes

Hyn Edwit is a university student who writes poems and stories reflecting his inner thoughts.


eyes with tears crimson cradling

my face as the moon gazed

indifferent to the innocent

I once was...

I remember

living, breathing

in the ember

of some being

She laughed and smiled

She called my name

But then she cried

When the dark came

She embraced me


that it is okay

I am unique

she always say


apologizing, telling me

convincing herself that

I'm the innocent

I can learn how to be

The days went by

the world grew small

A place so high

confined and tall

She found a house

A home she called

My sanctuary

adorned with roses wilted, whispering

welcome, my soul

rejoiced, I ran

painting pavement with crimson

and laughter of the so called


Not long after furious

she appeared

trembling, disgusted

at the innocent she made

Not long after

furious was she

crying, disgusted

at the innocent

Not long after

she was crying

the moon shattered

my whole being

The roses bloomed

strings loomed in

yet a glimpse of triumph

dawned over me

Never was I the prisoner

I served as her cage

the moon should be free

from a broken innocent

Void entered my vision,

tears of crimson still cradled my face

I remember wilted roses, whispering

welcome, my soul

rejoiced for the last time.

Pavement painted with blood

of the pretentious innocent

now revealed its true reflection, revering

my reality,

my buried identity

grinning I realized

the scoundrel that I am

desperately lived

and eternally will mark

the house

of the innocent's


© 2020 Hyn Edwit

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