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The Broke Lover


The Broke Lover

The damsel is more of an angel…

I had waited for money

But the beauties couldn’t wait for me

I had panted for riches

Till the wives were all chosen

I considered me a fool

If I halt a lady with my slippers

My unshaven hair

Saving hairs in place of money

What a disaster!


I always loved to take her

In my Ferrari

Always loved to take her shopping

I always held her hands in mine

walking abreast in the highway

And she’ll request an ice-cream

I’ll stretch my hand out and have it brought

We laughed and laughed

Ate and drank

Sang and played

Sat and stood

She got all she wanted

With the aid of my card

She got the world in her palms

With the rode of my cash

She is the star

In my darkest nights

That shines brighter

Even brighter than the moon

These are handiworks of my mind

And there’s no antidote

On earth to flush the memories

the imaginations of my mind


All these happens when I go to sleep

Because I love her so much

And couldn’t do without her

And the reason why I chose to stay

Late on bed

But wake to meet reality

Today’s her wedding –

– to my best bloke…

…cause I’m still broke.

© 2018 Ebizimor Boloukie

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