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Life Cannot be Unsung


The day is unsung only when the heart doesn't communicate to the breath, and breath doesn't communicate with the heart to bring forth song,

Sunrise and sunset comes as usual at its own appointed time daily, the day and night are neither tardy, nor late,

The rise or set are not ever up for any kind of debate,

The day follows the night and the night follows the day in concert, The words follow breath and the breath follow words towards the completion of performance,

As the heart and soul rejoices in the glories to sing the day onward and forward,

Created breath sang the word into existence and made the day prevail and creation rejoiced because the life in the universe will never be unsung,

Not even death can unsing breath, breath goes on and it is neither visible nor invisible, but always can it be audible through words, choose them well!

Inspiring thought producing words, which inspire expression that can not be unsung, corrected perhaps, but unsung only at ground zero, where nothing is,

Sounds that really cannot be uttered, pain that none can successfully feel or sing in the chords of somber symphonies, is there such a place?

Yet, pain nor sorrow, gladness or mirth can qualify the breath that directs songs and poems composed from the depth of spirit, soul, and mind expressed through body,

Breath produced a ongoing conversation with the Supreme breath of grandeur, it is called prayer, here in the land of the living,

Breath to breath, yet the body speaks boundary, how to pause to breathe with respect for whom you are speaking with using the reverence of breath,

The Creator created life with symphonies which can be seen and heard, where silence of breath is not quiet it is unsung, when breath like a mighty wind doesn't propel words into sound so that they are heard and understood,

I can unsing a song by not singing, but I cannot unsing life by not living it, Why? because I did not create it, life is an order set to its own music, I can sing about life and have a melody of my own as a reminder of all of my experiences herein,

However, I can never unsing life, death, murder, and no other foe, can make life an unsung song, dear ones die leaving just memories that we can not unsing, because breath has passed through life like a gentle breeze that is fleeting,

The good and the bad, the happy and the sad, it takes too much effort not to think of it, then to race the reality that not even memory can unsing your song, the story only you can write or orate,

Breathing along with time, records it all, this action so subconscious, yet so very conscious, yet, it can be taken for granted that we are inhaling and exhaling every second of the day and night, the delight it brings, if we have plans for tomorrow, we do hope to do it all again, do what? breathe,

What can I do without breath? I must feel to heal, so that I can deal with what I .feel, to validate that what I feel is real, I am breathing and breath cannot be unsung, because life and breath are codependents, they need each other,

Breath travels as fast as the speed of light, but light can be seen breath cannot be seen, it is an experience all per the form occupied can only qualify. Respect for life means respect for breath something the body and mind must learn is that breath cannot be unsung,

What the body must endure the breath one day must let it go, but its journey is or was still here in the land of unsung life, life sung a song for all, breath is carrying me, and I am carrying breath,

It is the song that the heart hears and joy emerges towards expressions of gratitude and appreciation for who is the author and finisher of all the works of grandeur, the Creator and the unsung song life is by breathing.