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The Brain Behind All #3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


She started thinking about what she will do about the relationship. After weeks of deep thought and noticing that the young man continues to show gross unseriousness, the young lady calls it quit with the young man. After separating from the young man she went to the chairman of the company to tell him that the young man

would not be able to do the work again. The chairman asks of how he could be of help to the young man because she has presented him as her spouse, but she on the strongest possible terms pleaded with the man to give the contract to someone else, because she would not want

a situation whereby the management of the company would be querying her for presenting someone who cannot execute the job to the company, therefore, she asks that the job be given to better hand. When the chairman notices that her mind has been made up, the

work was offered to another contractor that has registered with the company. After this incident, the young lady starts to have rest of mind, she can save from the money she was earning, and the money she is being given by her parents she was using on some other things,

not long after this she establishes a fashion center, and employed sales personnel working there. While she was making advancements, the young man was retrogressing, because of his laziness, and it was then that people notice that the young maiden has been the brain behind

all that he has been doing all the while. He sends people to beg the young maiden, but the young maiden replies that she has tried for him, on countless number of time has she gotten for him contracts since he says he does not want to work under anyone, but at all those times

he keeps scuttling those moves. After she has explored all options and she has seen that he is not the one who is ready to work, she can possibly not continue with the man, for if she continues with him even God would be annoyed with him because God has said through his

servants in the Holy Book that “… if any would not work, neither should he eat. People pleaded for him saying that they have talked senses to his head and he has promised to change, but the young maiden says, there is an adage in the community that says, “one does

not return to a house where one has bided the people there goodnight to say good evening again, doing that means that one is senseless”. I have counted my cost before backing out of the relationship and since I have backed out, I thank my God and my star for backing out of

Song of Love - ''Liszt'' playing Liszt Mephisto Waltz No.1 S514

the relationship at the time, because it is better to have a broken relationship than having broken homes and marriage she stated. People who were talking to her ask her to think about many people who have known them together, also stating that what happened between them

may be the work of the enemies, those people who have been envying their relationship. She laughed out loud, it is now you know of enemies, the previous years that we have been together and when I have been telling him that he needs to change, there was no enemies

then, it is when I backed out that you all know that enemies may be at work, well to me, if it is enemies at work, I think those enemies have done me great favor, because I am not returning to that relationship, if there is any favor he wants from me which is in my

capability, I will render the assistance to him but for us to be dating again, count me out, even if I die like this, single and unmarried, it is better than returning to a relationship with a young man who does not want to work but wants to eat. It is better one avoids conflict than

Heading into conflict, because I know if I return to him and he pretends to have changed, and when we get married and he returned to his former ways what shall I do? Shall I call that the works of the enemies too? That is not enemies work, it is my foolishness that has led me

into such position. If he changes by my action, he should use what he has learnt from me to deal with the new lady he will be romantically involved with, and the little I have also learnt from him, I shall also employ in dealing with my spouse to be. When she could not be

convinced the people left her. She after their departure makes impact in the community, established charity organization and helping the needy in the society, her parents and the community were proud of her….

Quotation: 2 Thessalonians 3:10


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