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The Brain Behind All #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Since her parents are financially buoyant, they never ask her for money, instead of asking her for anything they are the ones who will again be given her to take care of herself. Since she is enjoying this comfort and blessings, she has been spending and being spent on her

lover. Her spending on her lover makes her people silent on her lover because her lover too was living well. There was contract opportunity that presents itself, which was revealed to the young damsel at her place of work. She has gone to the person in charge of contract

Imploring him that he wants him to please give her spouse the contract. The contract worth millions of the community currency. The man initially rejected her plea, saying that they have people they are using for that kind of contract and that her spouse which she was

Talking about has not been tested by the company, needless to say that he has not been registered with the company as one of the company’s contractors. The lady implored the man, that her partner will do everything that he wants him to do to get his business name registered

with the company and to win the contract. The man gave her all the hints her partner need to do so that he becomes a registered contractor with the company and perhaps win the contract for he says, the money involved is high, and such contract it is only the chairman of

the company that could issue the contract out. The lady thanked him and started the processing, keeping the young man in the loop. Soon all that needs to be done to register his company and be among the contractors for the company was completed. She presented his

case to the chairman of the company who happens to be a friend of his father and the man assured her that the contract would be awarded to her spouse. As stated by the chairman the contract was awarded to the young man, but he needs to raise about thirty percent of the

Money to start the work, after he has started the work it is then that the management would give him fifty percent upfront, a month after he will receive 25 % of the money and the balance after the work has been successfully completed without hitches. The lady was the

Katharine Hepburn, Pianist

One who registered the name of the new company at the corporate affairs of the community and did other things and she has ran out of cash. Thence, she asks that her love go to bank to apply for loan for the work, but the young man was saying he cannot go to bank

And he wants the lady to go to bank for him again. This grieves the lady seriously and she tells him that it was not as if she wants to leave him but that she cannot go to the bank to ask for the loan because if she goes to the bank there are people who know her in the bank and

They will notify her parents, which she will not like, therefore, she asks him to go to the bank and other things needed she will be doing underneath. The young man refused all that the lady says and would not go to the bank to make inquiries about what the bank needs to get the loans out.

After several pleas and the young man was unyielding, the lady says this shows that the young man is lazy and he perhaps has been contented with what she has been given him, for assuming she is not given him anything won’t he do something about his life? Will he allow

his spouse to be suffering? For according to what we used to read about different communities of the world, it is the guy who gives ladies money, and in the case that the lady is richer than the young man, the young man would still show some levels of seriousness, and commitment but

in his case he does not want to show any seriousness and this is not right, if I continue with this I will have myself to blame at the end of it all, for people will tell me that we at least dated for years before we get married.